Wednesday, December 18, 2013

You will not regret reading this post...

I promise you will not regret reading this article on things you'll regret when you're older.


Don't spend your life sad or miserable or heartbroken forever and ever.  Do use sunscreen and don't go to tanning beds; You will think you look awesome now but when you have to hear "cancer" come out of a doctor's mouth you will NOT be ok with your past decision (two words: spray tans).

Don't stay miserable with something you are fully capable of taking steps to change.  Relationships, jobs, locations, etc.  DO NOT be miserable over something that you have the power to change.  Get out there, throw out the sails and catch a breeze..."the ship is safe in the harbor, but that's not what ships were made for, were they?"

Travel.  Travel even if you're scared or you think it is expensive or you don't have the vacation time.  'Cause when you have the vacation time, you're not gonna' do it.  You're going to have to do other things.  You'll find a billion and five excuses until you just say "I'm doing it."  And then you will!  And trust me, you'll make it work and the cost will still be chump change compared to your 20 years of student loans or the few days of work that you took unpaid.

Be around people who challenge you to think and to grow and to move and to be motivated and to serve and to love life.  Those people deserve your time and energy because they GIVE it to you!  It's a brilliant trade, really.  Find THOSE people.

Take on challenges, take leaps of faith, do something people say is impossible (I tend to do everything that other people tell me I can't do...I'm still kickin' so I'd say that's a good sign).  You'll survive, and if you don't, it'll be ok because "no one gets out alive, anyhow."

There's probably much more that I can add here, but I'm not old enough or wise enough to validate your taking my opinion for it so check out that list on Buzzfeed.  You will nod your head as you read.  You will say "yes, I do need to do that."  WRITE IT DOWN.  Make it conscious acceptance that it is something you want to and need to do and then turn it into action.  Stay tuned, my 30x30 post is coming up (I'll explain later, but it's ALL connected).

Stand up and live.

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