Sunday, December 15, 2013

A TOTALLY different perspective

Wow...just wow.  Read this article.  Please do it without judgement of the choices and decisions of the writer, as I hope you would do for any of my posts.  See the point and not what you are unfamiliar with.  I know some are turned away from a post because of it's religious affiliation, racial affiliation, sexual affiliation. Obviously, I am not.  I am amazed by all people.  You all fascinate me.

This article blew my mind.  It's about everything.  Everything.  I'm sincerely trying to process it still because I imagine that the author is stricken himself at the change of perspective demonstrated in this article.  Take the time and energy to read the whole thing and to process it.  Whatever gender, race, religion, sexuality, etc etc you are...there's something in it for you.

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