Sunday, December 15, 2013

True Blue NYPD

While I know there is reason to be skeptical of cops on occasion, especially when it comes to minorities in NY and the Stop & Frisks over the past few years, it brings me great joy when I see articles like this one, found in a London news source, about an NYPD cop who saw a homeless man in need and felt it his duty to take care of him...offering the sweatshirt he was wearing to keep the man warm in freezing temperatures.

This is humanity.  This is not giving away your money or someone stealing from you.  This is a man that, for whatever reason, is not as fortunate as you, who is not even asking for your help, but who desperately needs it to survive in harsh winter weather.

Thank you officer, for taking your job seriously both as a policeman and as a person: 
Protecting those in need.

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