Saturday, December 7, 2013

WE ARE ALL unique

We're all different.  We all like and dislike certain things, have our own political views and have various interests.  We all come from different backgrounds, cultures, races and are products of historical events that we may or may not know anything about. could say, we're all different (some prefer the more pleasant-sounding word "unique").

So I go back and forth but in this case, I like to recall the fact that we all may be different, but in our differences we are the same...WE ALL have likes and dislikes and views and interests.  WE ALL come from some background and have some cultural associations and/or traditions, are of a specific (or mixed) race/religion/ethnicity etc. and WE ARE ALL products of the joint historical past of the WORLD.

And THAT is pretty amazing.  So it makes me feel like writing it like this:

WE ARE ALL unique.  

WE ARE ALL part of THIS ONE PLANET.  Everything that each of us does SOMEHOW impacts the rest of the world, whether we choose to recognize it or not.  So...How will YOU choose to try to impact the world around you today?

Some chain reactions are out of our sat in this seat on the train because you did, for no reason apparent to you, and because you did that, someone else who USUALLY sits in that seat had to sit somewhere out of their comfort zone and this AFFECTED that person.  Negative?  Positive?  It's all in how you look at it.  It's all in how far ahead you want to look into the chain reaction that that one moment caused and how much you want to factor it into the countless other "effects" on a person's life that can influence where they go, what they do, and how they do it.  My best example of this is the movie "Sliding Doors" with Gwyneth Paltrow;  One moment can change your life completely (or not).

Some chain reactions are consciously begun.  The example of the day-long "giving line" at a drive-through is a prime example;  One person buys the order of the person behind him/her and that person does the same for the person behind him/her and it continues FOR HOURS.  IN THOSE MOMENTS, people take a second to recognize that there are other people in the WORLD.  They are interconnected in more ways than they know and they CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to be connected to them for that instant when they think "Hey-I'm going to do something nice for someone today" or "Wow--That person I don't know just did something nice for me...I want to do that, too.  I'm going to make someone else FEEL HOW GOOD I FEEL."  Of course, the opposite it true, too.  People can negatively start a chain reaction because they feel miserable and want other people to feel that way, too...

Which person do YOU want to be?

You don't have to be perfect.  No one is, has, or will be.  You will affect people, whether you do it consciously or not, with intention or by pure chance, HOWEVER, if you CHOOSE to put a smile on your face and you choose to recognize that we're all connected, you will begin to have a different outlook on the ENTIRE WORLD.  It probably won't hit you like a freight train, but it will come.  You will start to look at people differently because you'll probably start to recognize their attributes instead of their flaws, OR you'll start to see the same action/trait/style/facial feature in a different way.  The way that you see and perceive affects how you carry yourself, the vibe that you give off, and, ultimately, how you are seen.  So...See the world and humankind in a positive light (because who WANTS to see it negatively, anyways?) and the world will do the same.  Positive only seems to attract negative in magnets and celebrity.  Look for the positive and connect with your world.  WE ARE ALL unique.

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