Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Speak with Authority.

Thank you for checking in and looking for some positivity (or encouragement in your positivity).

"I'm just inviting you to join in on the bandwagon of my own uncertainty"

and I appreciate your time and energy in doing so!  I hope you're enjoying my posts, and the articles and videos and music that I'm throwing out there to brighten your day and your convictions, and maybe even opening and expanding and challenging your mind.

Once you have something to comment about:  this guy has some advice for you.  And I'd love to start seeing some more comments, written "with conviction," of course. On any and all of the posts you guys are reading.  I'm excited to know what you think, agreeing, disagreeing, feeling, loving, hoping, expecting, etc.  So, go on, jump on my "bandwagon of uncertainty" (but with some hope and positivity). 


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