Monday, December 16, 2013

Respect: Be The Change

I'm a woman.  Yup.  I said it.  I am.  What are you going to do now?  Will you find a reason to hate on me and to call me feminist for stating that I am what I am?  Or will you find a way to say that you love my clothes or my hair or my eyes or my body and what is physical about me?  Or will you read my blog, ask me moving questions and tell me that I have beautiful ideas and an amazing heart? 

I am a woman, like so many others out there.  Last I checked, about 50% of the world's population is...yup...that hasn't changed.  The question is: what are you gonna' do about it?

I hope you choose to say "that's great, but it doesn't matter to me that you are a woman because you are the most amazing person.  You are smart and you are daring and you are confident and loving and caring and you stand up for what you believe in."  I hope you say "you are respected for who you are instead of what you are." 

Respect.  It's not just for men.  It's not what you get for your looks (because you didn't earn those, they just are).  And, although we know that those gym routines have helped to give you a toned body that you're happy with, you're no more perfect for your body than you were before you toned up.

What you do with your brains and your actions and your voice?  THOSE are respectable...or at least they should be.  I'm not saying don't care about how you look--goodness, no!  We need to emote our beauty because we all are gorgeous and unique and fascinating because no one else on earth has ever been or will ever be exactly like us!  I'm saying--we are more than what anyone will ever see.  We all are.  Men and women.  No one will ever completely know anyone...including's kind of a crazy notion to consider.

Men.  Take a look.  Not with your eyes or your hands.  With your ears.  Do you HEAR what women do in your life or what they say and how they feel?  Do you notice the vibration of their being when they walk by?  Do you think first of their physicality or of their entire being?  or the whole package that they offer? 

There are still too many people on this planet that do not receive the respect that they deserve simply for the fact that they are human.  This is for many reasons which I hope to bring to light with this blog to give you their perspective(s).  No one is a single perspective.  So remember, you can see the world from another person's perspective for a few minutes if you'll listen to them.

A recent post regarding "Everyday Sexism" was shared with me today and it hit home.  The author opens the article like this:

"Have you ever asked a woman if she's experienced sexism?  Try it sometime if you have a few hours to spare.  Her answer is likely to shock you."

It's true.  If you are male or female or transgender, you will be shocked at the answers.  You've experienced sexism.  Whether you've chosen to recognize it or acknowledge it or not is a different question.  Maybe you are so accustomed that you don't even notice it.  If you are aware of your own experiences with sexism, you'll STILL be shocked at the answer when you ask someone else.  The stories that exist in this world about what is becoming the norm are terrifying.

BUT...I wouldn't bother talking about it if I didn't think that you have the chance to make a difference.  Ask for respect.  Give respect.  To everyone you meet.  With your body language and speech and actions and decisions.  Give respect.  Check yourself.  Do you do things or say things that disrespect another person, his or her body, or his or her ideas?  Notice the damage you can cause by doing that not only to that person but to all people like him or her.  Will you lift people up or bring them down?

I am respectful and respectable.  What will you be?

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