Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The gift of a smile...

It's the holiday season.  If you can't muster up some joy and camaraderie with your fellow human beings now, then when CAN you?

Please be kind.  Think before you speak or act.  Let someone pull out of the parking lot into the street when you're stopping at a light, hold a door,  say "hello."  These are actually simple things that should be common courtesy but I've realized lately that they really aren't.  So baby steps.  Do something nice even though it pains you.  Say good morning even if someone doesn't respond to you.  Smile at strangers.  It doesn't cost you a thing and it's the best present ever.  It gives you positive energy to wear a smile and others positive energy to see it.  Plus...studies show that we recognize the feelings of others because we are able to mimic, even if you don't realize it, people will have to mimic your smile in order to grasp your intentions...meaning you will undoubtedly make someone smile if you smile at them!  Yay!

Go make the world better.  No day like today to get started.


Christine said...

I love this post Meg! You're so right. The power of a simple smile is tremendous. It can completely change someone's day, which can spread to other's in a chain of goodwill. "Go make the world better." - Nicely said.

Meg McGuire said...

Thanks! It's true, though. Sometimes I forget it myself and then I remember it makes ME feel better, too. So you're cheating yourself AND the people around you when you don't put a smile out there :-D