Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On love...or something like it.

Just saw an article.  I don't necessarily agree with it, at least most of it.  But there are hints of things that I recognize.  I don't relate to most of these things, but there is definitely an underlying theme that I "get."  Aside from what it does for me, though, I think this would be something good for some of my friends...family...readers (that I don't even know are readers: [side note: Hi there!])...

So maybe you should read it, you know...in case this is something you relate to and you need right now, and, if not, maybe it'll give you recognition or understanding of a friend or loved one or partner or someone else on this earth that you never quite "got" before or that you won't "get" in the future.

And otherwise, I actually just think it's decently written, so read it with your critical mind for it's flow and writing style if you don't care what it says!

And yes...I do believe in love and I do believe that we need to believe it exists to be able to achieve it.  Love is not easy.  It hits you.  It breaks you into lots of little pieces of you and you wonder where you came from and where you're going and it matters and doesn't at the same time.  You remember being independent and you still think you're independent but this person has become part of you so you're not REALLY independent from him or her or them (friends and family, because I agree that our friend-love is like our family-love).  Love is brilliant.  It picks us up and lets us down and pushes us forward again and back around and it's CRAZY!  Kinda like life.  SO do I believe in love?  Hell yea.  That "reach for the stars over the fence world series kinda thing" (name that Mary Kate and Ashley movie).

Anyways, read the article.  I just gave you multiple reasons.

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