Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Wish for Children

I wish that all children had parents that wanted them.  I want for the world to have children that are born knowing that their parents care for them and love them furiously and without regret (and supportive family and friends who feel the same).  I want them to have parents that desire the very best for their kids.

Children know.  They know the difference when it's missing and they feel the negative emotions of the world around them when projected onto them.

So please, world, love your children.  All of them.  They will be rock stars and presidents  and astronauts and teachers and science geeks and artists and good humans to one another if you teach them to be loving and caring people by giving them that loving example.

Saw this video.  Whether you choose to embrace or ignore the religious references, I do not care.  It doesn't sway me why this baby is theirs or what purpose they think it has for them.  It's not important for the viewer, really.  What is so incredible and beautiful and important to me is the absolute joy and love that they demonstrate in their joint preparation for having a baby in their lives.  That child will be loved.  This is the type of love I hope for all children to have.

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