Tuesday, December 17, 2013

This Is Not Your Mother's Kitchen...

My mom has a good sense of style, don't get me wrong.  We actually have a lot of similar design tastes.  I might even say my parents are more Gen-Y socially and emotionally than the Gen-Xes that they actually are.  Still, this webinar is an excellent representation of Generation Y.  For all of you Gen Y-ers who have felt down-trodden or looked down upon and for all of you other generations that don't really understand Gen-Y-ers, their habits, how they are wired and why they are how they are, I highly suggest taking a comprehensive look at them the way designers have, in order to be able to take them into consideration as a growing house-owning and money producing generation of clients.

It takes a log-in (it's free) but it's worth the 30 seconds of info input to get a glimpse into some nice quick videos and some to-the-point info. on the generation that's coming to adulthood.

Understanding one another helps us to better relate on all levels.

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