Monday, December 16, 2013

Sometimes it takes a wake up call to give us new perspective...

Came across a friend's post to HIS friend's song.  The writer/singer of EastofAdam can describe his own song much better than I can, so I won't bother:

"So I wrote this song around New Years and my birthday and the (almost) car crash that I had. New Years got me to thinking about how we all create resolutions trying to make ourselves one step closer to the person that we want to be. I recorded this in my apartment and mixed and mastered it pretty quickly, so it's most definitely not a final version. I wrote a short description about the song below. Much love y'all!
Ever feel like you aren't the person that you want to be? or that you procrastinate on the things that you actually want to accomplish, mindlessly projecting an image of who you would like to be but knowing that you're holding back in so many ways due to insecurities, time restraints, social lives, among other things? I wrote this song to myself, to some of my friends, and to people that I may have only met a few times. I wrote it because there are always things that we hold back in becoming who we want to be. Let's say what we feel, accomplish what we're set out to do, put our all into our community, our friends, our lovers, and our organizing. Let's live life to the fullest and create whatever it is that we're searching for, since we sure as hell don't know what it is... yet."
Thanks for the introspective view on your situation and feelings, EastofAdam.  
May we learn from it and take what we need.

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