Sunday, December 8, 2013

On respect for self and others:

I don't know who Sharkeisha is, I spend a lot of time working and maybe I'm behind on the times.  From what I gather from a recent letter I read directed at her publicly, I can only gather that she is a young black woman who posted videos about fighting that other people "liked."

That doesn't really interest me as much as the letter.  This letter is brilliant.  For ANYONE.  If you strip away the specifics of the intended recipient's actions, you'll see a letter that I wish every young person would read (including myself when I was younger) and maybe even every person of EVERY age...because I'm sure there are plenty of adults that need some positive reinforcement in their lives as well.

Try reading a letter written to someone that you disagree with...that disgusts you...that you think has it all wrong.  Hopefully that letter will be a positive like this letter that encourages the positive actions and traits and skills of the person and sets a good example as well.  And perhaps you'll see that the letter is really meant for you, too.

We are all "Sharkeisha" in some way.  We have all done things for the respect of people whose respect is not all that valuable because we either didn't think we could get the respect of people another way or because we just didn't know any better.  Find the good in yourself.  Respect yourself.  Respect and assist others when possible and they will return the favor.

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