Friday, December 13, 2013

A Twist on "Daddy's List to His Daughter"

There is a list of things that supposedly a dad should say to his daughter (see Original List at : DDaddy)

I think maybe it'd be easier to say some things that my dad has taught me either directly or indirectly, hopefully I got them right.

Here goes:

I'm going to tell you the logical thing, even though I know you're going to go with your heart thing, but it's my job.

I know you're smart enough to know this stuff already, but I'm going to remind you in case you forget.

You're beautiful. You're perfect.  You don't need to change for anyone or anything.

You don't have to be like everyone else.  You shine the way you are.

You don't have to be a girly girl or a tom-boy.  You can avoid the labels altogether and just do what you love and forget about the rest.

You stand with a fist when you're angry.

Stand up for yourself.

Not everyone is going to agree with you.

Do the right thing, even when other people don't.  Just because lots of people do something, doesn't make it the right thing to do.  Know the difference.

Don't burn bridges.  Take the high road.

You're a princess and you deserve to be treated that way by any man in your life.

You're sensitive, and that's ok.  But you can't let that overtake you in front of the public eye.  You have to maintain your composure to accomplish your goals.

Think before you speak.  Then think some more.

Look twice.  It's probably right in front of your face.

I loved your mother because she wasn't like the other girls.  She loved sports and she was athletic and she didn't do what everyone else did.

I don't want you to get hurt by anything: Not your bad decisions, not your bad relationships, not anything.  I will warn you about everything to try to help you avoid the dangers, and even when you don't do what I think is best, I'll love you anyway.

When it comes to jobs, you have to network, you have to start at the bottom and work your way up, and you have to remember you're not going to meet with the CEO...the first line of defense will always be the secretary.  So be nice to everyone.

You have a brain.  Use it.

You can do anything if you love it and you are willing to work for it.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

I've probably made all of the mistakes, already.  If you ever need to talk about how bad yours are, I can tell you a story about it.

Taking care of your car is my way of trying to take care of you and tell you how much I love you, even though I don't tell you that.

You need to think like a business in order to understand that business.

Drive a stick shift.  (It will keep me from worrying that your friends are driving the car).

Call me, any time of day or night, no questions asked.  If you ever need a ride or help or whatever.  I will take care of it and I will not ask unless you want to talk about it.

You are a feeler.  Just remember, not everyone feels the same way that you do.  Not everyone will understand you.

You can't take words back.  They stick with people forever.  Make sure you choose yours wisely.

I'm your biggest fan.  You're my little girl.

Value the power and beauty of a sunset.

You'll always have a valentine. <3

There are countless more that I might add as they come, but I thought it was worth a start seeing as how my parents have gotten me where I am today in a lot of ways.  Everyone has people that they look to in times of need or trouble or worry or important changes.  Whether they are your parents or your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, psychologists, spouses, siblings, dogs, cats, zebras, geckos, invisible friends...I hope they tell you good things.  I hope they build you up instead of bringing you down.  I hope they empower you and teach you and help you to grow.

If not, I hope you can find the strength to look for strong examples and good people that will do a better job.  In the meantime, here's my dad's advice.  Take it.  It's from me to you from someone really important and wise and awesome.

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