Thursday, February 13, 2014

You're Human...How to take your mistake and still be the change

No one is perfect...but that's why it's THAT much more important that we take the time and energy (and humility) to make it right when we can.

Just read an awesome article about a frustrated father traveling with his two children in an airport.  Yes, there are examples of people being selfish and not *being the change* but they haven't read this blog yet, so we'll give them the benefit of the doubt...for now ;).  He didn't write the article to tell people how terrible other people are, though, he wrote it for much more amazing reasons like "don't just the situation until you know the whole story," accept when you are wrong, and most importantly for the writer, always try to be the best example that you can, and try to find a way to rectify it when you are done.

I remember being little at the grocery store.  I wanted a piece of candy or gum or something and my mom told me I couldn't have it.  At the time, still learning what was right and wrong, I took it.  Before we even made it out of the store, Mom realized and instead of lecturing me and taking me running from her own embarrassment out to the car, essentially giving me the example that it's not ok but that embarrassment is less ok...she marched me back to the counter.  By this time I was nervous because I could tell she was upset with me, and I was upset because I did want the candy but she set the example by bringing me back, making me admit what I did wrong, and returning the candy.  We left, and she didn't need to say anything because she had SHOWN me what was right and wrong and I understood.  I don't think I ever stole a thing after that.  The stories are different in nature but the same in theory: people learn best by doing it themselves but first, they learn by example.  So help them learn first by example so that they don't have to learn "the hard way."

Be the example.  Be the change.  And when you're tank is low and you lose your cool and you mess up (young onlookers or not), see if you can overcome your own ego and do what's right, instead.  A good lesson in humanity...we're human, we get how can you be BETTER? :-D

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