Saturday, February 15, 2014

Just a SECOND, makes all the difference!

I remember one of the best soccer games I ever played.  We didn't even win.  

It was a battle royale.  The other team scored.  We PUSHED and PUSHED and it was so HARD.  The clock was ticking.  We never gave up.  We never surrendered.  We wanted victory.  We abhorred defeat and refused to lose.  We had to be our own heroes.  As the seconds ticked away, we did not grow weary, we grew stronger.  In the waning seconds of the game, we crashed the net.  From the keeper to our front line.  We were all in.  We were a team with nothing to lose.  The clock read 89:59... 

Best. Game. Ever.  
For the first time, perhaps ever in my life, I recognized the value of a second.

Since that day, you will never see me leave a game early.   You will not see me lose hope even with what seems eminent defeat.  You will only see my resolve grow.  You will only see my feet dig deeper and my heart pound harder and my desire to go out at my strongest become reality.  And I may not win, but I will live remembering:
Every second counts.  
Live like it.

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