Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Football and Gay in the Same Sentence

Just wanted to give props to a writer via NPR who crushed any argument regarding why being gay and playing football removes some 'manliness' from the sport by negating all commentary from people who chose to remain anonymous as "unmanly," themselves.  If you can't stand behind your opinions as yourself instead of the all-too-well-known author named Anonymous, you're not much of a typical "man's man" yourself so you probably don't have too much leverage to bolster your opinions, facts, or whatever your negativity regarding a young man's future in a sport (that he is good enough to have gotten this far playing) is, exactly.

Also...why is it such a big deal that this guy would be the first openly 'out' (please see the article for a laugh on these terms)NFL football player when there have certainly been many 'not out' players that just kept their personal life...personal?  Leave their personal stuff where it belongs, no matter their sexual preferencesLive your lifeLove football or hate it because you do or don't and not because someone gay-bashes or gay-supports but because you care that huge dudes run, kick, throw, intercept and fumble a weirdly shaped ball 100s of yards once a week for multiple months so that you can be entertained.  Beyond that, just like movie stars, they are normal people doing normal people things (but probably with lots more money!).

Thanks for up-ending some strange media negativity and making it something that highlights what's actually important...recognizing that men are men are men...no matter what anyone calls "manly..." even you, eight men who not-so-publicly decried gayness and particularly gay football as an athlete, teammate, coach, or spectator as 'unmanly.'

And now, back to reality (and not the type you see on TV).

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