Sunday, February 2, 2014

Want to see the world? Get going!

Have you ever thought you'd like to win the lottery and travel the world?  I have.

Have you ever gotten jealous of friends and family and complete strangers on tv shows that were traveling the world?  I have.

Have you ever just said...I'm gonna' go...and traveled the world?  I have.
It's worth every penny, every hour of research to make it possible, taking jobs that pay $3/hour just to pay your debts.  They say it's the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.  I haven't found anything to the contrary (yet).  So I'll encourage you to move. stretch. travel.

Get out and see it all 
(a lifetime isn't you might as well get to what you can while you're still around to do it)!

This video was sent to me by my amazing sister, who is brilliant and supportive and awesome!  I checked it out and, of course, it reminded me it's time to get on the move again!

Thanks to STA Travel Australia for the sweet video!  STA sponsors student travel on an internship around the globe each year (you can see my application video from a few years back or search "STA Travel Internship" on youtube and you'll be sure to find some other inspiring young people with open minds and creativity).  STA Travel also has generally cheap tickets on their website:

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