Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Knowing is half the battle

I have to admit, even I am guilty of some of these situations...I maintain that knowing is half the battle, but I would add that sharing your knowledge is another 1/4 of it.  Knowledge is power.  If we begin to recognize the biases that we hold, for whatever reason we hold them, we have already taken a step to resolving those biases because that recognition is now part of our makeup.  It is in our brains both chemically and electrically wired.  So, the next time that we see the bias being generated, our brains will flash back to the point of recognition, and we will have the capacity to stop ourselves or to educate others, from the judgement that we have become mechanized to spew and to accept without thought or logic.

And now I give you, your moment of recognition, if you are honest with yourself (and it's hard to be when you see it just once, so it might take a few views to accept that you are a witness or a perpetrator of these thoughts or language).  An interesting take on male and female roles and how they are perceived because of our biases:

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