Monday, February 3, 2014

"Take Care" of your relationships

Saw this blog post in Spanish and wanted to share it.  **You can be translate this and all of my posts using google (not guaranteeing any sort of accuracy on that) via the link at the top right of my blog page "translate this blog."**  This post reminds me of the way we should treat others and expect to be treated in good relationships.  Set your standards high and receive the good that you deserve. and don't forget, it's a two-way street... so we must include, and vice versa.

Here goes my translation:

Take care of her and have a thousand details that make you fall in love time and again.  There are many wishing to be in your place and she gave you an opportunity, she opened the doors of her life and her heart to you and you have to demonstrate to her every day that you are worth it.  Every day.  Despite how complex and distorted we women are, in spite of the fact that many times we don't even understand ourselves.  Patience.  In the background, we conform with the simplest things.  Take care of her so that she feels safe, protected, and so she knows that with you nothing bad can happen.  Make her feel precious, valued and loved, discover why she's special, and understand that you will never find someone equal to her.  For that, take her hand and don't let go of it, don't let the magic, the spark, or the desire to kiss her all day long burn out.

Take care of her because you are her man, her refuge, and your only mission is to make her happy.  Let it never occur to you to steal a tear from her because she chose you to take a thousand smiles.  Give her reasons to trust and be yourself, she has already met many ghosts.  Have something to offer, to contribute, and be open to change for her if something is missing, because you are trying to complement one another and to better yourselves together.  Take care of her and know her in her original form, know her manias, her weaknesses, her whims, her favorite song, her form of thinking, of feeling, and of laughing.  Take care of her because, it's simply the only thing she asks of you.

And vice versa.

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