Wednesday, February 12, 2014

An Unexpected Jam Session

I love a good jam session.  I had some incredibly talented friends in high school that left me in awe pretty much every time that they chose to sing, play piano/guitar/etc.  I am a musical person but they were on a whole different level of rockin'!

Now, sometimes, jam sessions happen unplanned...and this is an example of one of those times.  For some background, a Christian artist named Carlos Whittaker was recording a music video with his crew of his song when a homeless man approached, sat at his feet to listen, and then...JAM SESSION.

People are people.  Treat them with love. They all have something to share.  
How appropriate that the song is "Second Chances."

*For some rasta cultural background, "Jah" or "JahJah" is the word for "God."

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