Friday, February 7, 2014

I LOVE THE OLYMPICS! (PART 983486238756)

Ok...they just got started (in my time zone) last night...but I can't tell you HOW excited I was to hear the Olympic jingle on just makes me feel joyful and alive!

I love to see the athletes from my own country, and from countries I've visited.  I love seeing the incredible things they have taught their bodies how to do...and to do it better than (most) other people in the world.

I love to see the difference between videos at the beginning of the Games, when the focus is on the national team, and at the end, where we see the friendships that have been created between athletes from around the world.  THIS is how I imagine peace.  People who are different, coming together, and realizing they are not so different, and bonding and becoming friends.  It doesn't mean they don't compete sometimes with all of their passion, it doesn't mean they always get along every second of the day and that they agree on all means they're normal.   My friend, Brooke, who is a comedian and a wonderful human being, wrote a post recently about some of the differences we have and how we are somehow able to (if we want) get over them, for the sake of the Olympics!  It means we are open and inviting to others, wherever they come from and whatever their backgrounds and misgivings and misconceptions and with respect for their skills and things that make them happy and things that rock their socks so hard that they want to dedicate their lives to being an athlete whose MAJOR competition only happens every four years.  I mean...just think about that!  The world is FULL of amazing people doing spectacular things everywhere!  Tune in (on TV and in your life)!

*sigh...the Olympics...* (stares off dreamily)...

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