Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Most Beautiful Love In the World...at 109.

I've said before that music can save the world...and here's more extremely moving proof.  One of the best things I have seen, perhaps ever.  How can one complain when you see a 109 year old woman, who lived through the holocaust because of her optimism and music, talking about the beauty of the world?

"Even the bad is beautiful...it HAS to be."
This is someone I would love to meet.  I wonder if I would be as optimistic as I am if I were to have been in her shoes.  I hope so.  I hope that I would take the advice of her friend's father and fill my head and heart with thoughts and music that no one could take from me.  I hope that I could see music as an escape, like I do now, and that I could see beauty in everything, as I try to now.  Alice Herz is beautiful.  Her attitude toward life is to be emulated, and should teach all of us that to lash out against others is never the answer. 
"Music is the first place of art.  It brings us to an island with peace, beauty and love."
Music allows us to express everything we feel and think and are.  It allows us to feel and think and be what OTHERS are.  Music is an incredible and incomparable form of communication.
I have to believe that if this beautiful, bright, and shining example of hope and optimism of love for the world and all of the people in it can believe that there is nothing so bad in the world that she can't find beauty in it...then I should be able to see something beautiful in EVERY situation, person, and action, too. 
"Music is God.  In difficult times you feel it especially."
"There doesn't exist anything in our world (that is) only bad."

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