Saturday, February 15, 2014

The only time it's ok to make fun of people...

I actually don't think it's ok to make fun of people for any reason...looks, actions, style, etc...ALTHOUGHHHHH...I guess when it's between friends, like when you peed your pants from laughing so hard when you were in middle school and it really is all just water under the bridge, or you're Matt Damon and Ben Affleck and you're BFFs then it's ok...mostly because it's all about the charities!

Take a look at this fun promo video that they made to encourage people to donate money to some great organizations ( and the Eastern Congo Initiative) and perhaps win a date with these two goofballs.  Thanks for using your humor to make people laugh and for being able to take a joke to help others, "Matt and Ben"...or if you prefer, "Ben and Matt."  And finally, thanks to OMaze for creating this idea that giving can also be fun.  We really do get so much out of giving to others, but this organization has figured out great ways to sweeten the deal and make donations and giving easier with reasonable requests for those who want to help but can't give millions.  Cheers!

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