Sunday, February 9, 2014

Be a Success!

Here are some things to help you see if you're setting yourself up for success!  Is there anything you can make an effort to do more or less of to be more successful?  If we are able to look at ourselves objectively and notice our own short-comings, we will be THAT much closer to being able to rectify these things and to be better people!  

I personally love the "keep a 'to-be' list" and would like to try this.  

I always try to tell people compliments that I previously kept to myself.  Why NOT share that you love someone's outfit?  Or that you like how someone sings or dances?  Or that you really appreciate that someone did such-and-such?  Making others happy makes us happy, too!  Yay for everyone involved!

I need to read more.  That's probably the one I do LEAST and need to make that a habit.  

Take a look!  
What can YOU do better to make you more successful?!

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