Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Best Post About Working and Stay at Home Parents!

I've seen far too many nagging posts about what stay at home parents do, and too many sad posts from stay at home parents who just want to be understood.  I've heard people bash stay at home parents for staying home and working parents for working and not staying home.  So, this post right here has been the epitome of how I would like for us to try to look at one another in all aspects of life.  When we judge others, we have no time to love them for what they ARE and what they DO and what they LOVE and how they SHOW it.  We are all different and we have our own struggles but that's what makes each of us so awesome!  There is no one exactly the same, and no one so different that we can't see ourselves in them.  Thanks to the author, for sharing a positive post from two perspectives.  What a great way to explain the difficulty without the bashing or complaining...because that's not what life is all about anyway!  It's about the LOVE!! <3

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