Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why being OVER-Optimistic Is Good for You

GREAT article on an entrepreneur website, but is really an excellent bit of scientific and psychological/sociological information to remind you why being SUPER "up" and OVERLY optimistic can make your life better!

I was once told by a friend that one of our no-BS office managers might not like me because she thinks I'm "fake nice."  I really took this to heart...and had to have an open talk about it.

Were people really so rude to her most of the time that a friendly "hello" and "pleases" and "thank you"s were exorbitant? Was I really SO optimistic and happy that it seemed feigned?  My friends had a good laugh at my expense, as my naïve mind questioned the possibility that I've been misunderstood and misinterpreted for my kindness and my "can-do" attitude and my "we're all beautiful" and "don't judge" slogans...

and then I said...I'm not.  I'm not fake, and I'm definitely not fake-nice.  I genuinely try to be happy and share happiness and optimism and positivity with others and want them to do the same.  THe only selfish thing about it is wanting it to be a chain reaction so that we ALL can have positive, happy, surroundings, which, yes, would obviously also benefit me.  But even if it doesn't come back around and Karma doesn't exist...I'm nice anyway.  So...whether you want to say I am so over-the-top and out-of-the-ordinary that I SEEM fake nice, or you want to call me OVERLY optimistic...this article might tell you why that is not only completely ok, but maybe something YOU should strive for, too!

Don't believe me?  See it for yourself!

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