Friday, February 28, 2014

Here's to you, Alcohol.: Bell's

So...alcohol.  Most people in the world will probably try you at some point in their lifetime.  Some will do it to find themselves, some to escape themselves, some to continue their life as normal, others to celebrate their lives never being the same again. 

Hopefully they will not abuse you or use you "too young."  Hopefully you will not take over their hearts and minds and bodies and run them into the ground.  Hopefully you will be a simple addition to their happy moments in life, and neither the entirety of it nor the end of it. 

Here's to you, alcohol...
...and to the people who want you around for the good moments and in moderation.
Great work, Bell's.  A wonderful representation of what alcohol should mean in the greater perspective of life, the love of parents, the 'normalization' of colored men (instead of their typical commercial portrayal), and so much more.  Brilliant.

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