Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Some great tips for the most common life-goals!

So there is a new list out: 100 tips to meeting your goals...but it seemed overwhelming so I wanted you to know it isn't...because you aren't looking for all of them.  You're looking for the tips that help you to tackle your biggest goals...

Here's the article...but before you go:  what is your goal?  There are some major headlines like "better financial stability," "eating healthier," "quitting smoking"  etc.  So know that you're going to check out the headlines first to find where your major tips are located in the post.  Then, take the time to read the tips for THAT goal.  Otherwise, it's overwhelming and you'll be bored quickly and not get much out of it.

I particularly like some of the tips in the "finances" portion such as "unsubscribe" as I definitely get tempting "money-savers" for things that I wouldn't even have considered if I didn't receive that it's doing it's job well, but probably costing you more money than you would have spent without it - narrow these emails down to help you out with those financial temptations (I just did)! you know what you're getting into; take a look and see if these tips can help you get on your road to success!

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