Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Special Efforts Pay Off!

I know, the topics today seem to treat the sad and/or depressing HOWEVER, it is with hope and excitement as we realize that not all bad things end in complete tragedies!

Like the wonderful outcome of one man who dared to listen to a stranger (saving him from his intended suicide), and the large-scale efforts of police and special agents and the public (go-go-gadget public awareness) that were able to apprehend multiple pimps during the Super Bowl festivities.  The best part isn't even necessarily the capture of some, but the freeing of others.  At least 16 minors are said to have been freed from human trafficking circles this weekend!  What excellent news!  There may be miles to go before we sleep, but every person makes a difference.

You can be the change by being aware of your surroundings and reporting any suspicious activity.

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