Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Police AND Protesters

Instead of the typical title which you'll see, we do not have a combative word here such as "versus" or "against" but "and," to represent a solidarity and collaboration to find a peaceful answer to the widespread mistrust of the Thai government. 
When Police allow protesters to peacefully demonstrate in Thailand in December, there is a greater possibility for open communication between all parties.  Since communication is the key to all relationships, and yes, governments and their people are in, often very complex, relationships...it's a great step.  This is especially true in this Asian country where police violence in the past has been brutal on occasion as well as in light of recent uprisings in the Middle East that have been anti-governmental and have resulted in violence.

I much prefer hugs and smiles and talking and parades of happy/content people to weapons, don't you?

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