Monday, January 13, 2014

Sunshine & Rain

A beautiful and inspirational friend shared this epiphany and I loved it enough to share it with you:

"I learned an amazing life lesson this evening. Today, we were blessed with a 55 degree day in the middle of winter. It was sunny out all day, and now it just started to rain. Pretty much sums up life, right? The sun was out and it was beautiful, and then it rained. Or perhaps it's raining still, and you're starting to lose hope. For some people, it's been raining for a very long time. Many of these people have given up hope of ever seeing the light burst through the clouds. And some people are on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. They see so much sunlight, that they no longer appreciate the way that it kisses their skin. 

Both rain and sun are necessary in everyday life. The problem with our society is that many people expect sunshine, and complain about their feet getting wet. Rainy days may take us by surprise, but there is beauty in rain too. After rain, comes sunshine. After sunshine, comes rain. It's inevitable. This is the way that the world works. When the sun comes out, we say thank you. When the rain comes, we say thank you to that too. Learning to appreciate the rain and walking through the storm with your head held high and your heart open might just be the meaning of life."

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