Saturday, January 18, 2014

Aerie: The Real You Is Sexy Campaign

To all you girls out there who, like me, only think that men fall for the Victoria's Secret ads (the trick to make  you think that you will magically look like the photoshopped models in their ads and the modellicious beauties on the runway if you wear what they wear).

I personally look at those ads and am realistic enough to know I will NOT look like them and therefore should NOT buy anything in the ads, knowing the contrast will be stark.  Men (and women) often see them and envision what's shown as perfection: no rolls, no stretch marks, no circles, no wrinkles, symmetrical, insane curves and fitting the golden ratio...

And it's funny because they're all retouched, reminding us that perfection just isn't natural.
We are imperfect beings, and THAT is perfect!

What IS natural, though, are the beauties in the new Aerie undergarments campaign and I dig the slogan "No more retouching our girls and no more supermodels...because we think THE REAL YOU IS SEXY."  BAM...WINNERS AT LIFE, HANDS DOWN.  Thank you, Aerie for finding and accepting women for what we are and promoting THAT to men and women everywhere- GORGEOUS as our natural selves.  

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