Friday, January 17, 2014

Love You Forever - The Original Tune, from the Author

If you're anything like me, you've not only seen the book Love You Forever, but you could likely repeat it word for word as a child, and maybe even as an adult.  I actually bought my own copy a year or two ago when I was looking for bilingual Dr. Seuss books and came across it in the children's section.  I needed to have my own copy.  That copy on the shelf, is now my copy on MY shelf.

The story never gave me a creepy vibe as it did for this author, but instead always made me sad and extremely happy and loved and a plethora of other conflicting emotions, really, and I never knew why.    The previously linked article explains the author's inspiration for the story, a song that he began to sing to himself in his head when he and his wife suffered the loss of life in their two stillborn children.  While it is a sad topic, that of losing anyone, much less a child, it is also a brilliant expression of love and gratitude and strength to share this inner song with others in a way that touches all of our emotions.

I always read the lines as a poem, with rhythm but without a melody.  I can't remember if my parents sang it, just that we often read it.  Now, I'm happy to share the ORIGINAL melody, which really captures a lot of the emotions I've always felt when I read this story.  Music is powerful.  Enjoy!

"I love you forever, 
I'll like you for always, 
as long as I'm living, 
my baby you'll be."

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