Monday, January 13, 2014

A Dr. Who Chose to *Be The Change*

"Unless you walk in someone else's shoes, you don't know what led them to have that life.  There's as many paths to the street as there are people out there."

"I thought we needed a classroom to see things from the perspective of excluded people."

"It's a blessing about the streets, it's so vivid you can actually feel it and do it because you're outside of the structure."

"We would have to stretch ourselves, and care enough to stretch ourselves into their world, into their reality.  To me that's a whole new frontier for rediscovering how healthcare should be delivered."

"One of the things that happens is you see yourself in street people, if you're honest.  You see, 'I coulda' been there.  That coulda' been me.'"

"We can do it under one unified vision, that everybody matters that we need to look out for the people that are the most ostracized in our communities and that that will make us better people."

For more on where these quotes came from, see:
One doctor's visionary effort to help and treat those on the "outside," and encourage and initiate change by utilizing his skills, knowledge, and passion.

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