Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Eating...an article that isn't about dieting

Eating has always seemed to be a topic of contention.  How much?  What?  When?  Where?  Of course, it's often associated with weight and looks, but also with health.  So, despite there being no "right" way to eat, I tend to agree on a lot of the things listed in an article I read, written by a woman that gained her ideas mostly from the French culture.

The biggest things she mentions that I think are universal are:

drink water or wine instead of any other liquid option, 

sit down at a table to eat 
(not in front of a TV/device and without the distractions of cell phones or other things, might I add), 

eat all three meals and make lunch the heartiest, 

and eat real foods.  

She adds that discussing food and its ingredients is an excellent way to encourage good eating habits.  Guessing what the makeup of a meal is could not only be a great way to share some time with others at the table, but also could be a sort of game AND teach a little about cooking.

The article is a nice, quick, read, and I don't think it's anything that would be a particular conflict with any other of the diets, fads, or doctors' orders out there (except for possibly the idea that you should only eat three times and should not snack...I've seen counter-arguments there).  Anyways, worth a quick look if you want more info, but just thought it was a nice reminder about the simple things that we can do with our eating habits to be healthier!

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