Monday, January 27, 2014

JUSTIN BIEBER (No, I have nothing to say)


Craig Ferguson explains how I feel every time that I see one of these young (or old) stars that millions of people adore, lots of children idolize or look up to as role models, and others swoon over, being caught getting into trouble, making bad decisions, and seeming to take complete 180s after stardom has befallen them.

I feel bad for them.  I have no desire to make fun of them.  I want someone to HELP them.  I felt bad when Bieber was booed at some awards ceremony for doing some supposedly newsworthy bad-thing that I must have missed.  I feel bad for all celebrities that they are stalked by paparazzi day in and day out because "normal people" have so much time on our hands that we'd rather live all of our free time vicariously through people we don't know (another reason I generally avoid television and the news).

Take a look at Ferguson's take on Brittney Spears' craziness a while back...and see if it doesn't resonate with you.  You don't have to have an addictive background to know that addictions happen and can ruin peoples' lives.  You see it daily in our society.  Instead of bashing these people you don't know, send out some positive vibes that someone who CAN help them, WILL help them.  And then, let it go.  Take it as a reminder that you are healthy and in control, or use it as a prompt to get help for yourself or someone who you actually know firsthand.

 The only thing I have to say to Justin Bieber is, I hope you get better, man. 
Thanks Craig Ferguson, for being able to speak so eloquently about your experience, your personal belief and "self-preservation."  I would repost this were you a celebrity or not...because it's the message that is most important here.

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