Friday, January 24, 2014

Caring for the Poor & The Environment

I'm always impressed when I see people reaching out to care for others.  I'm thankful when people do things to protect the environment.  I'm in love when they do both...

Peru's government has decided to spend $200 million on their poorest citizens in order to give them free access to free electricity.  This will not only help these people save the little money that they currently have to spend to stay warm, cook, and to see past dark and before sunrise, it will also improve their health as they will no longer be utilizing costly, less efficient, and harmful oil and gas heating techniques.

But wait!  It gets better.  Peru is 'giving their people the power' via the donation of solar-electric panels which you, in case you have been in a coma over the past few years and don't already understand, should know that this is a fantastic and ecologically friendly form of electrical production which steals only the natural sunlight that reaches the surface of the panel in order to create electricity that can be used to power the homes they will be implemented on.

The Peruvian government has already begun their multi-year process, hoping to complete the installations to over 500,000 residences by 2016.

Good for politics.
Good for environment.
Good for people, (especially those who need it)!

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