Monday, January 27, 2014

"Selfie" it.

Just saw another great workshop on "selfies" that was directed at female students AND their moms...thought this was relevant given the topic I posted on creating strong women...but expands to everyone, independent of gender, despite the focus of this particular documentary...we all need a little boost of self confidence about how we look, no?!

I also read recently that "selfies" are actually a great way to help people build self confidence because by taking multiple photos, you can find the angles and lighting and aspects of your face and poses that you feel confident and comfortable with.  So whether you like to make a duck face or wink or blow kisses or have a serious smirk...take more.  Be confident with who you are and how you're seen and others will, too!


Anonymous said...

I've never though of it that way. Now I look at "selfies" with a new perspective.

Meg McGuire said...

Excellent! Thanks for your response! I should probably add to my original post that taking lots of them for ourselves is not to be mistaken for needing to share every single one on social networking sites-but you know that already! Selfie-away!