Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Recognizing Depression to Avoid It or to get Help!

Have you ever felt depressed?  You aren't alone.  I'd guess that everyone feels this way at least once in their life, more likely than not, it's something that has occurred on multiple occasions.  It's completely natural, but what is good to do is recognize when we are depressed in order to be able to help ourselves out of depression.  So here are some signs of depression to look for:

1.  Trouble giving or receiving compliments
2.  Difficulty talking
3.  Difficulty making decisions
4.  Changes in sleeping patterns
5.  Changes in eating patterns
6.  Low energy
7.  Restlessness or irritability
8.  Watching excess TV or playing videogames
9.  Avoiding social situations
10.  Not being able to feel amused
11.  Feeling nothing at all
12.  Driving too fast or too slow
13.  Thoughts of death or suicide**
14.  Working all the time
15.  Going out every night
16.  Excessive drinking and/or drug use
17.  Inability to concentrate
18.  Ignoring bills and mail
19.  Colors appear dull

Now, granted, just because you demonstrate some of these signs doesn't mean you need to seek a therapist, but obviously some of these signs are MUCH more serious than others.**Please seek help immediately if you or someone you know is feeling or talking about feeling this sign...THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH GETTING HELP OUT OF YOUR DEPRESSION!  It is a completely natural thing to become depressed occasionally and we all have different things, activities, people, and motivations that help us to get back to normal.  With the winter months, please keep an eye out for these signs in yourself and others!  Take care of yourselves!

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