Thursday, January 9, 2014

Cameron Lyle: Hero Student Athlete...but not for what you might guess....

Just saw a meme about a student-athlete named Cameron Lyle.  Did a bit of research and found out that it was true (thanks to 

Cameron Lyle was 21 in the spring of 2013 when a mouth swab he'd done two years before was found to be a possible match for a patient in extreme need of a bone marrow transplant, without which he likely had only about 6 months to live.  A University of New Hampshire Senior, Lyle, just short of a major athletic championship in track and field events, did what he thinks any good, hard-working and dedicated person should...he surrendered his athletics for a complete stranger.  That's right.  A young, healthy, 21 year old, Division I athlete in his senior year was selfless and removed himself from his activity in order to try to save the life of another person.

I love what the article showed him saying about it, too:

"It's just a sport.  Just because it's Division I college level doesn't make it any more important.  Life is a lot more important than that.  So it was pretty easy."
"It was kind of a no brainer for a decent human.  I couldn't imagine just waiting.  He could have been waiting years for a match.  I'd hope that someone would donate to me if I needed it."
I love Cameron's strength and resolve and ability to put others first.  I also love that he put himself in the place of the man awaiting the donation..."just waiting" and considering how he would feel in that man's situation.  I think we could all learn a lot about life and one another if we took Cameron's view on this one and really took the time to empathize with others and understand what they are going through.

"It's just a sport," he said. "Just because it's Division I college level doesn't make it any more important. Life is a lot more important than that, so it was pretty easy."

If that doesn't give you chills, I don't know what will.  Faith for today, restored :)

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