Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Nature is ART!!!

I, for one, have always been fascinated with flight.

I specifically remember in my 6th grade math class, being asked where our favorite place to go was, and many of us agreed on "the airport" as our answer (for various reasons).  

There's something about birds in flight that give us hope.  It's something so natural and effortless-looking that makes our hearts and minds soar with them.  I think the "natural" part is what really gets us...why else would be swoon when we see a bird with a broken wing return to flight for the first time?  It's just another flight, after all...right?  Or not...because with a broken wing, the bird missed its natural, joyous, freedom of movement and expression.  I think this is why we envy birds of flight.

Freedom to move as they wish, where they wish, when they wish. 

So, if you also find beauty and hope in watching flight (and even if you don't), you should definitely take 2 minutes to watch this video and then see the site below.  These are two unrelated flight sightings/studies that touch on the freedom of expression and the art of nature found in flight!

You will not be sorry you took the 2 minutes to watch this...
(and no, your screen isn't freezing, the first 2 seconds or so are still shots with overlay audio)
The beauty of murmuration, the flight of starlings, is a natural phenomenon.

And this is just the beauty of unified movement!  Artists and scientists have tracked bird flights for years to understand how and why and where they go.  Different bird species create different patterns of flight.  Check out the invisible art of flight by clicking here!

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