Thursday, January 23, 2014

Earth's newbies

What would you tell a newbie here on Earth?  Hopefully, if you've ready any of my recent posts, you'd be inspired to tell them about all of the amazing, awesome, inspiring, beautiful, miraculous, fabulous things that there are to see, do, meet, encounter and experience.

I love Kid President, it's no secret, so take a look at what HE thinks we should tell the planet's newbies...What would YOU tell them?

I'd tell them to be themselves, whatever that means.  I'd tell them to do things that make them smile and to enjoy laughter.  I'd tell them we have bad days to make us appreciate the great ones.  I'd tell them that people are GOOD.  I'd tell them they should be honest and fair.  I'd tell them they can change the world, and that I hope they do it for the better.  I'd tell them that everyone has something special worth learning about.  "You're going to be ok!"  The list goes on...what would yours say? 

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