Monday, November 10, 2014

You Have Purpose

No matter what you do, your life has purpose.  I've always believed this, though often wondering what my own is, but I've found it true in every person I've met.  They have purpose in my life, and so they MUST have an even greater purpose in the grand scheme of things.

Another reminder of this arrived in my email today from a friend...a shy postman from Long Island who rarely came out of his shell died recently of an incurable disease affecting his brain.  This man did his job, and used his time to write songs, leaving this world with over 100 unpublished musical works recorded in the comfort of his home.  His goal was never to be famous.  His goal was to share his life with whomever someday chose to listen, including mostly his close friends and family.  Songs to his children were among those shared at his memorial recently, where his daughter made her own lyrics to go with a song he wrote for her.

After finding out his diagnosis, he began a book about his life as a postman...which remains unfinished.  His wife recounts his life as that of a least amongst small groups of familiar faces.

And yet, this man, shy to the world, has given great gifts for the future.  I'd be willing to bet he never expected that his name would be published in Newsday, much less that he'd have an article written for him.  But there it is, showing us all that no matter what we do, our lives have purpose.  Make your life count!

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