Monday, November 17, 2014


The scene:  It's nearly 1am.  I'm just getting home from a super long day at work and not looking forward to waking up for another work day tomorrow.  The streets and sidewalks are almost completely void of people.  There are a few taxis and other cars going about their business but generally it's quiet.

As I walk across a two lane street, I see what seems to be a young kid, with a backpack, skateboarding toward me and I think,  "It's 1 am!  You should be in bed for school tomorrow!"

By the time this entire thought runs through my head, the skateboarder is within about 20 feet of me, heading down the middle of the road, and BAM!  Skateboard jerks to a stop, kid goes head over heels, backpack and all, onto the pavement.  I'm asking if he's ok but quick as a whistle, he's back on his feet and without a moment of pause looks at me squarely and says "That was YOUR fault" and he turns to pick up the board that deceived him with its abrupt halt.  I laugh, thinking his accusation is a joke out of embarrassment from his fall, and instead he continues..."you made me nervous because you're so pretty."  And with that, he hops back on the board and prepares to push off.

"Are you sure you're ok?"  I ask. "You're AWESOME." He says, and off into the night on his skateboard he goes, with a beep from a taxi that encounters his curves just a tad too liberal.

Thank you for being a strange incident in my evening, that actually made the end to my day quite pleasant.  Be safe, little skater (and get to bed)!

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