Saturday, November 29, 2014

National Anthem: Respect & Honor

When we think of honoring and respecting a national anthem, we usually think of our own, but what is even MORE beautiful and respectful is when we give others that same respect and honor.  This week, a video hit Youtube that reminded me of just that.

Thank you to our American family to the North (that would be Canada - we are ALL American  - North, Central and South - after all) for respecting our anthem and finishing it out when the microphone system went down during a national hockey league game in Toronto.  As a Buffalo Sabres fan, the T.Dot is nearby and therefore a big rival, but rivalry is for fun.  We're glad you guys have our backs and are thankful for your spirit and sportsmanship.  #CanadianRoots

A national anthem is representative of a country, a people, and a history.  Each nation has one and most of the nation knows it, even when the professionals forget the words on national and international TV.  Taking the few moments of silence, or celebratory singing, before international competition, or in honor of a nation is a great sign of respect and I can always appreciate a moment like this when nations uphold and respect one another.

This particular situation reminds me of another great moment, when someone who is worthy of his great talent and skill took a moment to respect the US National Anthem mid-interview.  Someone often known for his outrageous and inflated personality (and many will say 'with good reason') showed his true colors when he stopped a live interview to take pause for the anthem of a country that is not his own.  Usain Bolt, you have my respect, sir.  Thank you for showing the world what it is to be respectful of other nations and cultures no matter the situation.

Thank you to all of the individuals out there who respect one another and who recognize that we are all in this together.  To the individuals that honor one another in the small ways that they can.  You give glory to humanity.

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