Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Generosity Quote

An interesting perspective on what generosity does for the giver.

I find thoughts on generosity ESPECIALLY meaningful as the days get colder.  I found myself saying today "I don't think I could survive a few hours in the cold let alone an entire night, weeks, or months."  I have circulation problems that make me lose feeling in my fingers and toes at the slightest chill, and it creeps into my feet and hands when it's very cold, even when I am "properly" equipped for the cold weather.  With my hands shoved as deep into my pockets as possible on my walk home I made eye contact with each person asking for money.  "Stay warm," I offered.  It isn't much to say it, and I wonder if it's of any consequence.  I like to think that the simple fact that another person saw them as human being might be enough to warm them up inside, but words don't feed hungry stomachs or clothe naked backs.  So I will tell you, and remember myself in the days ahead:  Be generous.  Remember this, even when it isn't cold.  Perhaps if we make a second nature of generosity when it is easiest to remember, we won't need to remember by the time it's warm out again as it will have become habit.

Let go.  Give.

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