Sunday, November 30, 2014

An old Hero looks to the Future

Sometimes we do what's right, not for any other reason than it is the right thing to do.  Sir Nicholas Winton saved the lives of over 600 children in Prague just before the "official" start of WWII from ever reaching Nazi camps.  He kept a list and pictures of every child he saved for his own records but never shared them with anyone.  His wife found the list in 1988, over 40 years later, and she, along with BBC, found some of the "children."

What a great man...deserving of the love and respect and honor that he has received.  He is also a great role model and a reminder to do what is right, no matter what the masses may say.  The good you do may save someone else's life: perhaps in an extreme way like in the case of the children Sir Nicholas Winton saved, or perhaps in a million smaller ways.

"If something's not IMpossible, there must be a way of doing it!" - Sir Nicholas Winton

**Just in case you want to know a bit more about this man, you should take 15 more minutes to see a quick explanation from a 60 Minutes documentary.  Some major points covered:  He didn't stop with the children, he went on to help out in wartime preparations, lived out his life looking toward the future and living in the present, and attributes what others call "his modesty" to the idea that we should all focus more on what is next.  He has been focusing on the opposite end of the age spectrum for quite some time now including his work with the mentally handicapped and the elderly, having built homes for the elderly in more recent years.  He is over 100 years old now and still a bright man with more to give as we all look toward the future together.

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