Sunday, November 23, 2014

'Tis the week of Thanksgiving

'Tis the week of Thanksgiving
and all through social media
there are "thank yous" and "love yous" and "we've got to feed-yas"
The people look forward to time with their loved ones
of dinners, desserts and those turkey trot runs.
And I in my gratitude, and you out there reading
were dreaming of visitors we'd soon be feeding.
When out in the world, there arose such a clatter,
I jumped at the opportunity to see what was the matter!

Away to "the others" I ran with some cash
in order that they too may have turkey and mash.
Thanksgiving, its meaning so great to behold,
gave the world a new viewpoint never to grow old.
That thing, so incredible, joyous, and real
was the way we say "thank you" and show how we feel!
I knew in a moment it wasn't so new
this feeling of humanity brilliant and true.
More powerful than any other intentions,
are the love and affection and honorable mentions:
My Family, My Friends, and My Enemies, too!
To strangers, to nature, and also to you!
From the Southernmost point, to the top of the world,
I'm wishing you,
urging you,
desiring you LOVE!

Those intentions they float up and out in the sky,
and as you flip-flop about which type of pie,
these wishes will find you and hopefully well,
and brighten your life more than you can e'r tell!
And then, when the big day is finally here,
and in come the guests who've been waiting all year,
do not hang your head over forgotten foods,
fore all that they wish is to lighten the mood!

You'll be dressed in your best after touch-football fun,
and laughing all evening about who really won!
A bundle of memories you will have in your bank,
and a thousand more reasons to remember to thank!
Your eyes, they will twinkle, along with the others:
Children, parents, aunts, uncles, grandmothers.
Your cheeks with be flush with the happiest smiles,
your cooking and planning was all worth the while!
You'll soon meet again for more great giving times,
and the memories of this will forever still shine.
You'll be thankful and caring and full of great joy,
you'll be wanting to help each adult, girl, and boy.

You'll find spirit in every person you meet
and you'll be sure that each has good shoes on his feet.
A wink of an eye or a kind honest word,
will let you know that you have done what you could.
Now speak out of love and with kindness, compassion,
as these grand emotions are ALWAYS in fashion.

My wishes will be with you all through the year,
for happiness, hope, and never a fear.
Spring out in the world and use this new power,
on others the love that you gain you should shower!
And I'll be overjoyed just to hear someone say,
"they treat me like each day is Thanksgiving Day!"

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Kathy McGuire said...

Meg you inspire us to kindness and greatness every day! Love your blog!