Saturday, November 29, 2014

We are human.

Equality for Everyone

We are one, no matter our skin color, hair color, eye color, or other color.  We are one, no matter our gender, orientation, sexuality, or sex.  We are one, no matter our physical differences caused by nature or by experience. We are one, no matter our age or status; Our elders have been in our place, and someday, we may live long enough to reach theirs.

We are one history with all of it's terror and all of its courage, faults, and glories.  We are one people, despite our many individual talents and absurdities.  We have one home, and that is the Earth where we were born and where we are all most likely to die.

We are each unique and we are all part of something GREAT;  WE ARE ONE HUMAN RACE.

We are capable of great hate or of great love.
We are capable of great war, but also of great peace.
We are capable of great destruction and of great creation.
We are capable of ignorance, but also of understanding.
We are capable of stubbornness and also of change.

We are capable of anything because we are human.

What result will your human capacity have?

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