Saturday, November 22, 2014

Reality Check

So since all of these studies are coming out about how screwed up our minds have become because of social media not only allowing but encouraging us to make ourselves look like we have perfect lives and that we only take perfect pictures and that we never work and only take vacations to exotic and awesome adventurous vacations with our perfect significant others, I thought I'd share my day with you.

9 am...sleep app alarm goes off because I pick it up because I'm already awake wondering what time it is.  Snooze alarm.

9:15...alarm again...time to get uppppp...NO.  Turn off sleep app because I am alone at my apartment and I have no plans.  "I have enough food in the fridge and clothing in my apartment that I neither need to grocery shop nor do laundry.  I can sleep all day."

10:30...fiancee calls from another country.  We haven't talked in a few days so I've been stressed about that on top of working late (no one actually LIKES to work late, right?).

10:45...ok: coffee.  Shoot!  Lazy-sleepy-me was wrong; I need creamer for my coffee...Wait! Hold the phone and keep your PJs on, we have milk and we have a little bottle of vanilla extract and a bag of sugar.  I can work with that; all is well.

11:45  Check email.  No sign from work.  Life is good.  Do dishes, because what has been in my sink is ewww.  Finally pick up the pile that I swept up last week and never threw out.  Dry mouse poop.  Gross!

12:30 start watching youtube videos about dancehall choreography.  Then my day gets REAL.  I want to look like those hot girls with their sweet moves.  Still in my PJ pants, I have a sports bra because my heater only likes to go on for 5 steamy minutes at a time about every hour or's like hot flashes in your 20s.

Sometime mid-afternoon I call Dad to chat and then go back to YouTube choreography.

4:45 Sweaty.  I must be dancing like a total boss!  These videos are awesome.  I should probably clean my apartment for the first time since about a month ago.  Yes, I am an adult with childlike tendencies.

Ohhh SHINY OBJECT!  I have no water, I guess I'll drink the beer that is in the fridge and dance around to Hip Hop in my Gunilla of Sweden face mask so my zits resolve themselves, while also being comfy because I'm still in my PJs.   I finished the 4 days worth of crockpot soup that I made overnight on Tuesday/Wednesday for lunch today :-/  I guess I should make something else to eat now.

Call Mom back.  Phone tag happens because I always leave my phone on vibrate.

6:45  I still have the spot treatments on, am still in my PJs, made rice a(nd nothing to accompany it), managed to unpack my winter clothes from boxes into drawers and am now sitting on my living room floor because I don't have a couch and writing this blog to tell you about my real life (just like all the other posts but in a different way).

So that's my reality.  I am a happy person.  I think that the way social media affects us is the way we ALLOW it to affect us.  So now you know.  I am weird, which is also the norm, which is also beautiful and figure out the logic there.  And then, stop worrying about what other people are doing.  Be happy when they are happy, and recognize when they are sad so you can pick them up.  Call a friend and let them know you're lonely and you wanted to catch up (I did that, today, too and my friend was feeling just as lonely, so then NEITHER of us was lonely anymore!)

6:53 pm...Someone is knocking on my door and since I'm in my sports bra and PJs, like I said, I leave my blog to put a sweatshirt on and then this happened...

SO yeah.  "Reality Check," is right!  It's the week of Thanksgiving.  I've been reading great articles and news about things happening all over the country and the world so far today.  Buffalo, NY, for example, is under 6 feet of snow and, from everything I have seen and read, people are being awesome to one another.  Detroit is holding a raffle to benefit aid in Buffalo, solidarity is super.  A stranger just gave me and everyone else in my building a turkey for the upcoming holiday.  And that completes my day.  Just, wow.  How can we NOT be in awe of HUMANITY?!  Yay world.  Keep it up.  Tell me about your "reality check" day and what makes the everyday GREAT for you!

7:11 pm:  I will now return to my "how to booty pop" videos. on YouTube.  Happy Saturday!

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